SUBJECT MATTER AND TECHNIQUE: My projects are based upon photographs, video films, installations and the use of technology: sound portraits, texts, emotional cartography and ‘intervened’ photography. The temporary and roving nature of things and transformations are a constant theme in all my projects inspired by registers gathered through the spaces travelled: a combination of my own traces and the traces of others who have left a provisional and temporary track behind. Artistic education -school of fine arts- and Master's degree in Audio-visual Production Applied to Multimedia.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: For the last 25 years I have developed an artistic activity together with a professional activity in the fields of art direction and trans-media creativity in collaboration with independent groups of multimedia communication. I was one of the founders of Nooxfera (independent professionals in the fields of audiovisual productions, design, stage productions, communication and media). I worked as a teacher in workshops. From 2016 until now: Co-manager and digital art contents curator at SPECTRUMFEST. LUZ MÁS LUZ LAB Co-founder. (laboratory of ideas and cultural projects). Video magazine #CLIPS, co-director (intersections between art, science and technology).

INDIVIDUAL WORKS: "La espera”, selected for the second Spanish Biennial of video art in Germany – Gallery 100 kubik (exhibited in Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn, Essen, Köln …) • “En tránsito” selected in the Interactive category for International Awards of Digital Art LUMEN_EX_2011 exhibited in the Contemporary Art museum of Extremadura (MEIAC). Spain • "Recuerda", first prize of the International digital award Grand Canary Photo 2011. Spain • "IN|VISIBLES", first prize for the best installation in VII annual installations price of Community of Madrid 2012. Installation composed by three sources of audio-visual contents, approximately 90 photos, video and multiple sonorous portraits. Exhibited in Community of Madrid Space North. Spain • “Niebla“ selected for the technical jury of Pilar Citoler´s award and Alliance Françoise 2013-Landscapes of the body • “Children's Game” Installation formed by 50 corporeal blocks suspended from the roof with photo and sound. Selected by the Jury of Cerveira´s Biennial 2013 - “Art, crisis and transformation”. Portugal • “Following the tracks” selected by the jury for the first Biennial of Contemporary art ImPort_ExPortArt 2013 and organized by the official organism of the Tarragona’s Port-España. Exhibition in Tarragona. Spain. • "Children´s Game  #01" Matadero Madrid september 2014. Installation-sculpture made of wood blocks with layers of augmented reality integrated into the project images and virtual galleries with pieces of associated sound. • "Time of light- The memory of water" Matadero Madrid Esp. Ext. AVAM september 2015. The exhibition is integrated by three small audiovisual installations which are activated alternately. This time, one of the three will be activated live, showing a different result in each session.  The main setting is based upon simultaneous projections. The audiovisual content has been captured through the years in different protected spots of the Iberian Peninsula. The second installation, 'The memory of water', represented in a smaller space is a “game of mirrors” based upon sound and audio projections in a two-stage approach evoking fragments of memories. The third setting is the link between the two first installations. • “Children's Game” #02 - work in progress- 2016" Interactive Installation at Las Cigarreras Contemporary Culture. Project selected by the jury of the first open call organized by the Culture Department of Alicante´s council • “Intersecciones”  June 2017. Selected and awarded work. Banca March 90th anniversary. Exhibition integrated in FotoEspaña2017. Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. • “DIME RUIDO” finalist project PHILIPS SMART LIGHT2017.



«The project's work method: I have nothing to say but only something to show. I will not hide anything valuable nor will I steal any deep formulation, But the rags, the scraps, I won’t make an inventory of them. I will only let them conquer their right in the only way possible: by using them. ».
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