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Anonymous person who reports small remnants of their life. The accompanied loneliness that muffles their existence in the great city. The noise-like element that covers and protects the individual and allows him/her to express even their most intimate questions, covered by a multitude, in the one who believes itself not ignored. Deprived in the area of public space.

The final result is a set of audio pieces in which a sonorous map of itineraries is gathered at different geographical points that do not have a physical connection.

It is a structure that does not obey fixed criteria of chronological arrangement, nor geographical, and is far from being a project of “local” audio. Every piece of audio connects hearings that have happened at various moments and in dispersed places.

The factor that allows one to establish the relationships between the contents of every sonorous piece is the word, or voice, that has been pronounced, shouted, or sung. It is a question of a summary of those anonymous words that, because of their characteristics, have provoked an emotion or a reflection. The words have been brought together by individuals in distant places, and at different moments, recreating a new and unforeseen history of fortuitous relations.
The final result is a multilingual installation. A sonorous mosaic  supported in images and on emotional maps.